The R4P Bike Clinic

The R4P Bike Clinic is led by Dr Nigel Jones, Consultant in Sports Medicine and Chief Medical Officer for British Cycling.

If you have any cycling related injury, illness or performance concern – a consultation with Dr Jones will get to the bottom of the issue for you. A management plan can then be put in place to ensure you’re back riding how you want to be as soon as possible.

We have access to all appropriate medical investigations, a world-class rehabilitation team and an expert Bike Fit Specialist.

The R4P Bike Fit service is led by Specialist Physiotherapist Tim Pigott
Tim is an extremely experienced bike fitter, qualified physiotherapist, elite coach, public speaker and writer. He is extremely committed to his craft, with a raft of relevant qualifications, experience and technology in the studio. 
Alongside his numerous publications in academic journals, Tim is the Programme Lead at Salford University for the MSc in Trauma & Orthopaedics, and a lecturer for MSc Advanced Physiotherapy.  His research theme involves cycling biomechanics, with numerous projects being undertaken to develop the knowledge of the bike fitting and cycling medicine profession.

In the studio, Tim has access to a 3D Retul double-sided motion sensor, various bike fitting video apps, a Wahoo Kickr turbo, numerous test saddles and a wheel riser. He also fits clients for cycling insoles.

Tim has worked with some of the biggest names in bike fit, and has treated and coached a number of professional athletes. However, he is passionate about working with cyclists of all ability levels.

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