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Our founders Matt Konopinski and Chris Morgan have been at the forefront of Physiotherapy in elite sport for the past 20 years.

They originally met when working in the NHS in Bradford and were drawn together by a frustration at the level of service available for the general public and especially those who wanted to return to sporting activity following a sports injury.

After taking different paths through professional sport including academy, women’s and lower league football they were reunited at Liverpool FC in 2009.

At Liverpool with Chris as Head of Physiotherapy and Matt as Head of Rehabilitation, they led the recovery and rehabilitation of some of the best players in the world from the most complex of injuries back to peak performance.

Surrounded by the best facilities, equipment and professionals they were further inspired to create the same environment and level of service for the general public and members of the sporting population who were unable to access it. Sports injury rehabilitation for the masses and not just elite athletes had become an ambition for both Chris and Matt. This shared vision for creating an injury rehab clinic that delivers a professional-grade environment for the public to access the same sports injury rehabilitation treatment, techniques, and equipment utilised by professional sport would unite the pair for the creation of Rehab 4 Performance.

After continuing their professional journeys at Crystal Palace FC, Arsenal FC(Chris) and the FA, Rangers FC (Matt) they decided the time had come to finally create the facility they had dreamt about for almost a quarter of a century – R4P was born, a sports injury rehab and performance clinic in Liverpool.

Born from the experiences of 25 years working in elite football and created with a vision to provide time, expertise and facilities for all.

With Chris continuing to work in Elite football at Liverpool and Matt in a position to work full time at R4P as Director of Performance and Rehabilitation Dr. Nigel Jones the current  Chief Medical Officer at British Cycling was brought in to enable Rehab 4 Performance to function as a complete Sport and Exercise Medicine specialist Sports Injury Clinic with Physiotherapy at its core right in the heart of South Liverpool.

As a CQC registered facility we can offer the range of medical services expected in a private hospital, our home is Matchworks Liverpool, an iconic building with the space to suit a private rehabilitation gym for our Strength and Conditioning staff, a biomechanical analysis movement suite and large private consultation and treatment rooms for our team of Physiotherapists and Doctors to provide an elite level of service.

R4P looks and feels like an elite facility; it was created from a desire to provide this level to all.

Our staff all have experience working with elite athletes and continue to do so alongside their roles at R4P – but the unique thing is they are also available to treat you.

R4P – totally dedicated to getting you pain-free, stronger and BETTER EVERYDAY