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World class Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Rehabilitation and Performance Centre in Liverpool totally dedicated to getting you pain free, stronger and performing better every day.


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During my career at Liverpool I placed total trust in Chris and Matt to keep me fit and maximise my performance. Following injury, during my toughest rehabs and at my lowest moments, they were integral to getting me back playing at the highest level in the shortest time possible.
The R4P rehab team have had a big impact on my career. Early rehab is mentally hard so many doubts come into your head and motivation is tough, but having this team helped me see the benefits of working hard from day one.
Danny Ings
These guys go above and beyond what I’d expect from a physio. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience plus an attention to detail and level of care that is amazing… at times I’ve felt like they’re living the injury with me.
Jordan Henderson
R4P have helped me understand the science behind training and recovery and where to best focus my energy to reach peak performance.
Jo spent a long time listening and understanding the frustrating problems with my shoulder. Jo has been pivotal in getting me back on track - not only a fantastic clinician, but always available to support and advise.
Mark Selby
The staff at R4P are next level, not only are they all the best in their respective sectors, they also emphasised the mental struggles that come along with a long term rehab. My rehab journey wouldn’t have turned out to be as successful as it did without the efforts from all team members at R4P.
Rylee Foster
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We are eliminating the medical jargon that prevails in the industry, enabling our clients to control their route to wellness, mobility and freedom from pain. 

We are removing the red tape so EVERYONE can access elite healthcare and performance services. 

We are obsessive in our mission to get people better… ‘Your injury becomes our injury.’ 

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R4P founders Matt Konopinski and Chris Morgan have drawn together a progressive partnership of physios, doctors, S&C coaches, psychologists and nutritionists. 

Acting as your personal team of medical and performance specialists, R4P deliver a truly holistic approach to your health, wellness and physical performance.


R4P’s state of the art Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Rehabilitation and Performance Centre in Liverpool is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a full recovery from an injury, or to enhance their performance in sports.

Our centre is conveniently located just outside Liverpool city centre and is easily accessible by public transport.

Our experienced and professional staff are dedicated to offering the highest quality of care, with a full range of services including physiotherapy, sports injury rehabilitation, sports performance testing and more.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, effective and evidence-based approach to rehabilitation, injury management and performance enhancement. We strive to ensure the best outcome for all our clients, helping them to achieve their goals and get back to the activities they enjoy.

Rehabilitation Package

Physio Consultation

Physio Follow Up

Strength & Conditioning

Soft Tissue Therapy

Comprehensive Report & Recommendations



Return to Competition Profiling Package

3-D Motion Analysis

3-D Jump Analysis

Isokinetic Strength Testing

Comprehensive Report & Recommendations



Body Optimisation Package

Strength & Conditioning (fitness / metabolic rate assessment)

DEXA (body composition scan)

Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Follow Up

Comprehensive Report & Recommendations