Find out how you move and improve it! Optimise how you acclerate, decelerate, change direction, jump and land;             

Whether you are recovering from injury or just want to be better at what you do, the same questions apply…

Am i ready to return to sport? How resilient am I? How strong am I?

R4P biomencanical analysis helps answer these questions for both the injured and non-injured.

For the injured participant, our consultancy will inform rehabilitation at various stages of recovery.

For the healthy participant, our benchmarking will improve performance, resilience and the ability to recover between sessions.

A complete screening package available to a squad or individual. Equivalent to pre-season screening to give baseline data on strength, power, biomechanics, fitness etc.


Service Price List
  • Profiling Fitness - VO2max Test -
    From £75
  • Profiling Strength/Power - IKD test, Jump and Isometric Testing - From £50
  • Profiling Movement - 3-D Motion Capture Jump Testing - From £150
  • 3-D Motion Capture Change of Direction Testing - From £250