Stage 1

An initial Strength and Conditioning Consultation and Profiling Session to:

  • Determine individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Relate to sport, hobby or population
  • Link in with individual personal goals and targets
  • Bespoke programming based off of your results


Stage 2

The next stage is a 1 x 1 hour follow up session to deliver interventions and familiarise you with new exercises.


Stage 3

6 x 1 hour exclusive group sessions (Max 4 people per group)

Multiple time slots available throughout the week to cater for everyone.


Price List
  • Initial Consultation & Profiling Session
  • Follow up - Consultation
  • 6 x 1 hour group sessions

    (max. 4 people per group)

** Note the group sessions can only be booked after an Initial performance profiling and goal setting session with Strength and Conditioning Coach